Crisis in Pakistan

The situation of Pakistan is much variant and violent. Patience, concept of co-existence of nationalities and religions is fading. When we compare societies in the past and even at present showing life and harmony we find it quiet serious and perplexing. Why are those societies progressing, revived and harmonic?? Somebody suggests it’s due to their individuals; our nation is failed due to our individuals! What arise now? Is there any fault in the creation phase of these individuals?? Obviously not!! Then what?? Why are we so much intolerant, impatient, short sighted and shy in listening and delivering views??

Lets pick some bold examples from our society; Mixed Marathon race in various cities, Sex workshop for prostitutes in Karachi, mixed musical nights and shows, Basant and Valentine etc. A segment of society with the approval of state is throwing it onto the society and a segment of society is reluctant, protesting and passive to admit these norms. Some people are calling for vague freedoms and some people are calling for traditional backwardness. Some people are forcing women to homes on reaction some people start advocating secular concepts. Similarly in every sphere of life we have two different extremes, pick out something about economics interest in banking is reasonably the key feature of our economics but it is still not accepted by all segments of society. IMF loans are highly questionable. Likewise in politics going in the US war against Muslims is never been justified by a huge segment of the society. So at every decision the nation is divided, at every issue of life they don’t refer to a common view point. Such is the reality of our society. There are various shades in between these two extremes. Both the two segments and different shades in between are not open in intellectual discussions rather jumping on reactionary conclusion. Our society is a fused mixture of different people calling for different things. Typically our criterion becomes compromise which is not a rational solution but a short term way out.

When we consider some tolerant and revived societies; a universal element that is dominant over them is that they have a common view point about life, so they direct the society making this the very basis of their thinking and the foundation of the society. For example Western countries that are revived, they do have a common view point like concepts of freedoms, majority rulings etc therefore whenever they face any issue they all unanimously refer to their view point and that is their criterion, so they geared up all their focus and efforts in that direction and that is why they are moving ahead. For instance there society is not divided on the issue of economics and social life. Likewise there is no question on the issue of pornographic industry. We can also study their era when they were in their dark period where ruling religious clerics and scientific people were at clash, they were the worst people that time, then finally they come to one single idea about life i.e. secularism which is the beginning of their revival. Similarly let’s pick some other example from our history when the Caliphate was revived they were the most leading people when they picked Islam as their view point and they referred to the view point i.e. Islam for every problem using Ijtihad (Process of extracting solutions from Islam). During the Ottoman Caliphate when they left this ideology by putting a ban on Ijtihad suddenly they become stagnant on progress and development. They started using Western ideas about life to solve the problems of society which actually weaken them within. This mix-up was the actual reason for their weakness and failure.

As long the society remains in this disorder and confusion where people refer to different view points for solving collective issues, the society will remain in an unbalance state as it is in our case in Pakistan. The society can never grow in its true sense, and will remain as futile mixture of ideas. So to be a progressing, developing and enlightening society we must accomplish a common view point, and a common ideology. So it is very vital to become an ideological nation in order to truly develop and to revive so as to solve our collective issues; finally setting our ideological objectives instead confronting within.

When we examine Pakistan, the two dominant features of the society i.e. individuals and systems, the system is driving on some other side, the public emotion is linked with other thing, thoughts are taking somewhere else. So from the very basis there is not a single unique idea to organize people, systems in one productive direction. So in order to cope up with this mess, chaos and turbulence there are two options available:

• Change the view point of the people and enforce a new foreign ideology about life.
• The other is picking the inhabitants’ ideology i.e. entire Islam comprehensively, and establish it to get one self revived.

Analyzing our first option where people are attached and convinced with Islam and stopping them linking Islam in actual and collective life seems impractical and insane. It is highly aggressive and dangerous to involve them in things they are inert to adopt. It can result in further chaos because forcibly it’s impossible to change their belief. Looking for our second option i.e. picking Islam intellectually and comprehensively is fairly most realistic and will be an adequate solution to build our society on the road of revival.


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